Finding a job within your company

  Dig for diamonds and gold under your own feet  Finding a career path within your current company is a worthwhile pursuit. The time, energy and effort it takes to go to a new company can stall your career growth hurting you and the company you are leaving. Getting on...

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5 Keys to the Perfect Job Interview

  Setting up your interview to generate job offers   Getting the interview is the first step to any hiring process successfully ending in an offer. Once you have an interview, your work has just begun. I found from my own experience and coaching 1,000's of clients,...

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Day 4: 5-Days To Your Best Year Ever

Find Your Why Mindset shifted. Goals created. Overcoming the messy middle is the order of the day for Find Your Why in Lesson Four. How to stick with your goals when things get rough. Day Four was a day of relief for me.  I found that by doing more than I was asked on...

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Day 3: 5-Days To Your Best Year Ever

Design Your Future Day 3 is actually the pivotal day in the BYE 2018 program. It's where you actually write your goals. It required some additional oomph on my part, and a couple of shelving's. Even though the program is considered half-way point at Day 3, it really...

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Day 2: 5-Days To Your Best Year Ever

Completing the past, both good and bad. Reviewing my past year of 2017 was an enlightening and memorable experience.  Finding and documenting the emotions and capturing the events was really cleansing and inspiring. Here is my impression of Day 2. After Day 1 was...

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Day 1: 5 Days to your Best Year Ever 2018

  How to Overcome your Limiting Beliefs   Completed Day 1, and was it ever an eye-opener. I've been carrying around these beilefs inside my head? How I now "Believe the Possibility" first module has changed my mindset. The first module, or Day 1, of the 5 Days to Your...

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The Time Management Myth

Not uncommon to feel like: "I wish there was more time in the day." We struggle to find ways to maximize our time using phrases: Time Management. Time Crunch. Saving Time. Time Optimization. Wasting Time.   "I just need to manage my time better.  I feel like I have...

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How do I know Who I am?

Big challenge: how do we find who we are and how do we get there? Develop a philosophy that challenges your thinking. "Am I the only one that is a YouTube and podcast junkie? Always filling my brain with knowledge? I can't be the only one right?" As a podcast addict...

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Networking Trumps Applications Anyday

We know, we know.  Professional networking is the best way to find a job. What am I supposed to do? There's all these job postings online! How do I network to jobs versus making applications? "The challenge is the investment of time in the activity and generating...

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Age Discrimination: Fact and Fiction

Hear it all the time:  "I didn't get the job because I'm old.  People with gray hair don't get jobs easily." Is it real?  Do people really get the "I won't hire you because you're old" line or is there something more? We discover the truth about age discrimination and...

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Hidden Job Market And The Top 5 Ways to Find Work

The best ways to finding work are not hidden. Asking for directions and seeking opportunity are much easier than you think. Since I was a boy, I've had a fascination with maps.  It all started when I visited my Dad's office in downtown San Francisco.  We took the BART...

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How To Answer the Salary Question

You know it's coming.  Be ready to answer the question. What is your Salary Expectation? After hearing the same question over and over again, a job seeker can get really frustrated and discouraged from the fearful salary question.   Fear not, courageous job seeker,...

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