Finding a job within your company

  Dig for diamonds and gold under your own feet  Finding a career path within your current company is a worthwhile pursuit. The time, energy and effort it takes to go to a new company can stall your career growth hurting you and the company you are leaving. Getting on...

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How to Customize Online Applications

Frequently a customized resume and blind application are attractive.  It's easy to fill in the blanks and cross our fingers. The numbers don't lie, the blind application is a losing proposition.  However, supply and demand can prevail for the job seeking professional....

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No Doesn’t Really Mean No Forever

Feeling Dejected After Rejected for Employment? It's True.  No doesn't always mean no. It's certainly not forever. Many Times we are so excited to get the interview we never expect the NO to come. Find out How to Focus your Efforts on Moving Forward from Here "No,...

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How To Find a Job Without Writing a Resume

Understanding A Company Hiring Process Most Valuable Activities for Job Seekers What A Resume Is and Is Not How on earth do people get jobs today without writing a resume? It may sound far fetched on the surface but it does happen everyday. After coaching close to...

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The one phrase I never want to hear

  Blog post byline key takeaway from reading this post all the way through   I keep hearing this phrase used by many in career transition: “I would never work at that company”. It’s a common and natural thing to say when you personally don’t want to work a specific...

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We know why we network, but HOW do we network?

Trial and error is just one method to succeed at something new.   Many of my coaching clients and friends really do know that networking is a great way to find a job, but so few know hot to effectively network to get measurable feeling of any definition of success.  I...

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YouTube Star Casey Neistat knows about jobs?

I certainly enjoy a great movie, as I'm sure you do.  We took in Star Wars at the theater but going to the theater has become a treat and getting quality movie-grade content daily, for free, is why I so love YouTube.  One of the channels that I frequent is that of...

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Hello it’s me…

The Adele song was frequently quoted in our home. Especially when one of my family members would call me on the phone My story isn't much different than most people my age. We reach milestones in our career and we are looking for more. My family hates it when I do...

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