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Breakfast Club of Portland

Breakfast Club Of Portland

Portland’s Career Accountability Since 2001


Breakfast Club, established in Portland Oregon in 2001, is an executive accountability group for job seekers. We emphasize networking as the number one way to find opportunity and our members are 100% committed to being open and available.

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We partner with each other for mutual benefit. Offering and accepting feedback, communicating next-actions commitments, and supportive self-discipline. 


Change and improvement comes from developed understanding. Our members contribute to others, and have an openness to adopting a continuous learning mindset.


Members facilitate and support the active connection of fellow members to network contacts and facilitating the recommendation of members for career opportunities.


Once a breakfast clubber always a breakfast clubber. We agree to be available and offer time for networking to new, current, and past members. 

The Meeting

Breakfast Club meets every other Tuesday, from 7:30 am to 9:00 am in Southwest Portland. For attendance, please fill out the form above to gain access to the calendar.

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