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Why Someone Else, Who is Less Qualified, Got The Job

  Overcoming the unknown reasons for not getting the job you wantedThe most often question I get from job seekers is “why am I not getting the job.” Does this sound like you: I interviewed well, knocked it out of the park, and I didn’t get an offer. I’m perfect...

5 Keys to the Perfect Job Interview

  Setting up your interview to generate job offers   Getting the interview is the first step to any hiring process successfully ending in an offer. Once you have an interview, your work has just begun. I found from my own experience and coaching 1,000's of...

Day 4: 5-Days To Your Best Year Ever

Find Your Why Mindset shifted. Goals created. Overcoming the messy middle is the order of the day for Find Your Why in Lesson Four. How to stick with your goals when things get rough. Day Four was a day of relief for me.  I found that by doing more than I was asked on...

How do I know Who I am?

Big challenge: how do we find who we are and how do we get there? Develop a philosophy that challenges your thinking. "Am I the only one that is a YouTube and podcast junkie? Always filling my brain with knowledge? I can't be the only one right?" As a podcast addict...

Networking Trumps Applications Anyday

We know, we know.  Professional networking is the best way to find a job. What am I supposed to do? There's all these job postings online! How do I network to jobs versus making applications? "The challenge is the investment of time in the activity and generating...

Age Discrimination: Fact and Fiction

Hear it all the time:  "I didn't get the job because I'm old.  People with gray hair don't get jobs easily." Is it real?  Do people really get the "I won't hire you because you're old" line or is there something more? We discover the truth about age discrimination and...

How To Answer the Salary Question

You know it's coming.  Be ready to answer the question. What is your Salary Expectation? After hearing the same question over and over again, a job seeker can get really frustrated and discouraged from the fearful salary question.   Fear not, courageous job...

How to Customize Online Applications

Frequently a customized resume and blind application are attractive.  It's easy to fill in the blanks and cross our fingers. The numbers don't lie, the blind application is a losing proposition.  However, supply and demand can prevail for the job seeking professional....

No Doesn’t Really Mean No Forever

Feeling Dejected After Rejected for Employment? It's True.  No doesn't always mean no. It's certainly not forever. Many Times we are so excited to get the interview we never expect the NO to come. Find out How to Focus your Efforts on Moving Forward from Here "No,...

How To Find a Job Without Writing a Resume

Understanding A Company Hiring Process Most Valuable Activities for Job Seekers What A Resume Is and Is Not How on earth do people get jobs today without writing a resume? It may sound far fetched on the surface but it does happen everyday. After coaching close to...

The one phrase I never want to hear

  Blog post byline key takeaway from reading this post all the way through   I keep hearing this phrase used by many in career transition: “I would never work at that company”. It’s a common and natural thing to say when you personally don’t want to work a specific...

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