Day 1: 5 Days to your Best Year Ever 2018

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by Andrew Beach

How to Overcome your Limiting Beliefs

Completed Day 1, and was it ever an eye-opener.

I’ve been carrying around these beliefs inside my head? Now I know “Believe the Possibility” first module has changed my mindset.

The first module, or Day 1, of the 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever 2018, was about 23 minutes of content. Following the video or audio content, there is an exercise. Consuming content, has never been that hard for me. I’m a podcast and audio-book junkie, not to mention my addiction to YouTube “How To” has changed my life.

What is challenging for me, is applying what I learn. That was my #1 Limiting Belief. My addiction to learning, needed to change. I re-framed that thought and belief to go a different direction. 

Within the private Pat Flynn mastermind group on Facebook, I shared the following:

My biggest limiting belief is doing nothing with my learning which won’t get me where I want to go. 

Now I’m believing some new things and this blog post is evidence. 

I hadn’t been posting on a regular basis. Executing one of my values and goals – is – this – post. I’m leaning into what I also have learned from the likes of Pat Flynn and Seth Godin: consistency is key.

New Belief – I am addicted to doing. Activating my learning will serve my audience.

Key Learning

The word of the day: AGENCY

When Michael Hyatt uses this word in the training, I feel liberated! Much of what was happening to me, was influencing my behavior. 

In reality, those things that prevent us from doing what we know we need to do, come from our lack of knowing we control our responses. Interestingly enough, when I looked up the meaning of agency, I got different usages.One stuck out:

agentia, meaning ‘doing’ from medieval Latin 

Agency is doing? Wow. That hit what the beliefs that were holding me back right in the mouth. Here’s another definition:

the capacity, condition, or state of acting or exerting power

Limiting Beliefs into Liberating Truths

The other interesting thing that happened to me, much by accident, was the journal I’m using for this training.

The journal was actually my Mindset Training journal from 2008 – serendipity!  It was a coaching program when I was in real estate delivered by Mike Ferry. In that training the first thing to accomplish, literally the first exercise, was the language of limiting beliefs. 

I found it very helpful in finding my current limiting beliefs to look at statements or things that include words and phrases similar to…

  • Always
  • Never
  • Can’t
  • Impossible
  • I’ve tried that before
  • Terrible

What do you think or feel are your limiting beliefs?

Pat Flynn Mastermind

The Best Year Ever bonus group on Facebook has been super supportive and impressively engaged. Pat is doing live streams daily and sharing his process. 

It’s a relief to know that someone as successful as Pat, is still really humble – and challenged – to take things to another level. He is human after all.

So the Day 1 live broadcast was well attended (about 40-50) and it felt really intimate and casual. Pat is incredibly transparent and continually communicates his gratitude. To learn more about Pat visit:

Smart Passive Income (SPI)
SPI Podcast

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