Who am I and Why am I here?

Big challenge: how do we find who we are and how do we get there?

Develop a philosophy that challenges your thinking.

“Am I the only one that is a YouTube and podcast junkie? Always filling my brain with knowledge? I can’t be the only one right?”

As a podcast addict and YouTube junkie, I take in a lot of quality media to help me grow my thinking.  I avoid the mental candy. Some things just don’t satisfy. I have refined my list and gravitate to the impressive creators and generous contributors.

One of those creators I watch on YouTube is Eric Thomas.  Now he didn’t really spark this thought, but he did influence a memory I had from other sources, specifically audio books.  Jim Rohn’s Weekend Seminar, as well as Personal Power by Tony Robbins.  So here’s the combination of learnings that have helped me, and hopefully you, put into practice some of their ideas.

Rohn used to say, start a library, to show that you are a serious student. The moral of his philosophy is evidenced by the seriousness of your library.Tony Robbins talks about massive action, something that I’ve always wrestled with to be honest.Eric Thomas has a series called TGIM [Thank God It’s Monday]. In 2016, the TGIM videos are big on affirmation, “I have no days to waste.”

Thinking More Than Doing


If you are here, you likely are wanting to change. You are looking to change and just not sure how to change. Like me, you are thinking about it more than actually doing it.  Making changes and achieving that goal you have always wanted to achieve.

It dawned on me that there is likely an easy way to remember your single most important goal to achieve in this way by asking some questions:


  1. What are the qualities of a serious ____________________________? [your desired reputation]. Think of the 4-5 people that have the qualities that you want.
  2. What do the the “best” in your desired specialty do?
  3. What is their process?
  4. What repetitive actions to they participate in?Read and consume resources to help you better understand what is next

Don’t complicate the process. Describe all these things in simple ways.

___________ [name of person] does _______________ [actions] and has ___________________ [qualities you want]


Pain Is a Gain


You’ve likely heard “No Pain, No Gain.” I now look forward to the pain, and see it as gain. What is the pain you are, or will soon experience, if you don’t do these activities? You are spending mental energy wrestling with not doing it.  When you do it you will relieve your cranium for more productive thought. No more getting tied up in: should I or should I not do something.


Handy Reminders


Write these qualities and pains on a 2×3 card (business card size) and laminate it at an office products store like FedEx Office. Punch a hole in the corner and attach to your keychain, or purse. Hang from your rearview mirror. Tape a copy on the back of your mobile phone. Whatever it takes.

Andrew Beach

Andrew Beach

Branding Specialist | Executive Career Coach | Teaching Self-Awareness

I help take the mystery out of finding your dream job. Through a direct and pragmatic process, we will guide you to the path. One step at a time, just a little bit closer to your passion.  It's through my personal story of finding meaningful work that I can share with you what I've learned.

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