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Resources for Success

One stop shop for all the resources I use personally and also recommend to save time, make money, or get noticed in a job search process. Many resources are free, low cost, or no additional cost to you – maybe even a discount (notice: compensated affiliate links marked * )

Networking Checklist

FREE list of key components to network with purpose and practical ideas to get to the right people in your job search

Job Seekers Radio Podcast

Join me and my co-host Scott for the networking-focused podcast. We discuss strategies to find jobs without a resume.

Interview Checklist

Getting interviews but not any offers? I share the details that are often overlooked that deliver strong negotiating power.

Job Search Tools

Meet Leonard is the LinkedIn CRM tool that I use and recommend for collaborating with hiring teams to facilitate your networking efforts. Plans start at $15 per month. This is also a tool I use for my own business to automate repetitive tasks.

Get a free career strategy session form¬† yours truly. Often you aren’t sure how to proceed in your search or even what’s wrong. Take advantage of a free coaching session now.

Need your data to magically move from one system to another? It’s likely you can accomplish a complicated task very simply by using Zapier (their slogan “Zapier makes your happier”). Free for starters (100 zaps).

Productive Communication

TextExpander is a great tool. Saves me so much time trying to remember everything that needs to go into a correspondence. You can create canned shortcut initiated responses to offer superior customer service or interactions with hiring teams.

My Favorite Books

An influential book that talks about the principles and techniques that really work when you are looking for jobs. Although out of print, still a great guide for job seekers.


This is a book I read shortly after being laid off. Great for those who are needing to look inward before pursuing their next job opportunity.

The philosophy behind networking is not much different than true sales. Story-form book with many great lessons on how to be successful in relationships.

Thinking about establishing your brand online with different channels? Great book to provide the nuts and bolts of standing out.

Read this way back when I was just out of college. The author has since passed away, but the lessons in this book are timeless. Highly recommend.

Networking is not much different than sales. Asking the “right” questions in the proper order takes some planning as outlined in this book


Covey’s habits are timeless. I use them daily with job seekers. Also highly recommend the audio book as it’s much easier for me to consume!


Assessments are key to self identification. Find your strengths that help you stand out. A Close 2nd is the Buckingham influenced StrengthsFinder assessment.


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