This is the page that shows my preferred resources, including media, video, podcasts, tools, books, and other stuff that can support your growth.  In the interest of full disclosure, this page includes affiliate links that help support my efforts to bring you new and better content. Enjoy!



Smart Passive Income, by Pat Flynn, is a great podcast, well designed, and professionally delivering interviews, ideas, techniques, and tools to improve your engagement and income.

Get In the Door Podcast (aka Instant Sales Podcast) by Steve Kloyda in the mini-apple.  As a lifelong salesman, I am looking for resources to help me refine and practice my craft better than I did before.

48 days Podcast by Dan Miller provides information to job seeking professionals and has morphed into providing ideas about becoming a solopreneur and leveraging platform (Michael Hyatt influenced).


YouTube Channels


Casey Neistat of New York City provides creative influence and philosophy as well as ideas for looking at things from a new perspective.

Apple Drains with Chuck the owner.  I know the content and is his visage might not be perfect, but I love his positivity and when I feel down, I watch a sump pump video.

Eric Thomas as ET the Hip-Hop Preacher is a great motivational speaker and provides a different take on what steps and ideas can make us great.

WranglerStar channel is actually providing a perspective from someone of faith in raising their family and providing resources for self-reliance and strength, and ideas for building things instead of buying them.

Recommended Services


TextExpander, a Smile Software product. I use this so many times per day that it actually tells me how much time I’ve saved!  Use My Partner Link to Get 20% off.

Books to Read

Several books have drastically improved my results in landing opportunity as well as helping job seekers do the same.

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