YouTube Star Casey Neistat knows about jobs?

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by Andrew Beach

I certainly enjoy a great movie, as I’m sure you do.  We took in Star Wars at the theater but going to the theater has become a treat and getting quality movie-grade content daily, for free, is why I so love YouTube.  One of the channels that I frequent is that of Casey Neistat.  Originally I subscribed to his channel to learn more about movie making, getting ideas for starting a channel, and do so from someone that has been making movies independently for a long time.


Needless to say, I am pleasantly surprised when creatives also share their philosophies and learnings with others.  Many just plug along with their content creation to deliver entertainment without weaving in an empathetic, transparent and wisdom-filled moments like Casey does.  One of his recent videos covered career planning and acquisition of better jobs.  More importantly, his sage advice couldn’t be better places as his audience leans towards younger adults.



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There is universal truth in Casey’s video that I would like to share:

    • Staying Stationary is in Reality Decline  –  Casey talked about staying in the comfort zone, not growing, not changing not improving, just punching your clock and doing your job.  This actually means you are declining because everyone else and the marketplace are actually improving and growing.  Bodies in motion stay in motion, it’s up to you what direction your body takes.


    • Value leads to Growth  –  Growth doesn’t just come by learning something.  Growth comes by adding that knowledge and wisdom to your business, company or employer so that the outcome is worth more than they are paying you.  The law says, do more than you are paid and eventually you will be paid.  Casey talks about this in that in 2 years if you, in this case Jack, haven’t improved through learning and executing, something is wrong.  Either move up in your current company or move on to something better.


  • Everyone Starts at Zero  –  His graph shows that everyone when they first start out, has no skill, or at least has very little value to the marketplace.  As you learn, grow and gain in skill your value to the marketplace goes up.  What dawned on me, in the recent debates about minimum wage, is that everyone doesn’t start at zero but in some cases $15 per hour.  That means that not all workers below the $15 mark on the Value chart get to work.  This population has to wait until they have the skills and experience to earn $15 or find an alternative to a W-2 wage earning position.

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