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Interview Preparation Intensive


Interview Preparation Intensive

Getting interviews but not any offers?
Have an interview coming up within a week?
Get the on-demand service that will push you to the offer stage.
Get into First Place today, with the interview prep service.

Interview Intensive Services

Resume vs. Job Description

Detailed review and audit of the resume and the job description to identify strengths and blind spots that will position you well for interview success.

90 Minute Coaching Session

Recorded Coaching Session on Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype. Building a strategy and ice-breaker script as well as mock interview practice.

Mock Interview

Question and Answer based on the job description and common questions as found on and company’s own pool of  interview questions.

Hiring Team Social Profiles

Providing social profiles for all the members of the hiring team. Building a frame of reference and “dossier” on each interviewer.

Documented Collaboration

All content, answers, and information provided in a shared file on Google Docs.

Interview Checklist

A detailed checklist of steps and considerations to remember when preparing for any interview.

Experience Matters

Years of
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Wisdom comes from experience
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And growing in diverse industries and at all levels.

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