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You just found out you have an interview this week and need to prepare. The interview coaching intensive is built for you. A 90-minute coaching call to deliver confident performance and increase your chances of getting an offer.

what you get

The on-demand Interview Coaching Intensive offers a fast way to get urgent support. A tactical and practical way to pragmatically prepare for the most demanding interview.


Job Description Review

A breakdown of the  company published requisition into a handful of core components that the hiring team is looking for from the ideal candidate.

Brand Positioning

Matching your skills to the job description and finding the strongest asset you bring to the table, then building a custom branding statement.

Background Check

Provide the names of the people you are interviewing with, and you will get the social profiles and frame of reference for each interviewer.

Interview Questions

Wouldn’t it be great to have the questions before the big day? You will get the most likely questions you will be asked to prepare answers.

Mock Interview Practice

Professional practice with after-answer review to dial in the answers for maximum impact and to fine tune delivery.

Recorded for Repetition

Hearing it once is not enough. The on-demand interview intensive is recorded and the video recording is provided back to you for review.

results come from experience

No recreating the wheel. Invest in a coaching professional that levels-up your confidence

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Free Networking Checklist


Dominate the interview with confidence

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Free Interview Checklist


Free Interview Checklist

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● Find your Calm Confidence

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Free Networking Checklist

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