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Strengths Identification

Identifying and prioritizing your greatest strengths. Taking your strengths and forming an actionable plan.

Marketing Communications

Taking your strengths and packaging them in a systematic process of communication. Using effective marketing at target people in right level of organizations.

Coaching Support

Change isn’t easy. We will support you during your process with side-by-side help so you won’t feel alone.

Flexible Programs

One size does not fit all. We offer different options for you to consider in taking full advantage of our coaching services.

Andrew Beach

Executive Career Coach  |  Branding Specialist

I teach self-awareness.  Through a direct, pragmatic process you will be guided to the dream jobs you’ve always wanted.  One step at a time, the system I provide will lead you just a little closer to your passion and purpose in life.

Resume Development

Helping format and produce a resume based on your strengths. Taking your strengths and aligning the resume with a clear career plan.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Creation and fine-tuning your profile for maximum exposure to the right hiring individuals.

Networking Facilitation

Producing a marketing plan and networking strategy to implement targeted campaigns to the key people and organizations.

Interview Preparation

The single most important activity in career development, we take a high-energy approach to developing great answers to most questions.


Mary C.

“Within two months of working with Andrew I received three job offers and I was able to choose the best fit for me. My success was truly due to Andrew being my coach.”

Wayne S.

“Thanks to Andrew and his sage counsel, I landed a promotion as Global Director of Sales & Marketing…I’m thankful for his advice and would highly recommend Andrew”

Tim W.

“After being employed continuously greater than 20 years…Andrew was instrumental in my ability to find work…an excellent mentor using the right amount of encouragement…I highly recommend Andrew as a coach, consultant, mentor or motivator.”


What Questions Do You Have?
How Long Do Coaching Services Take To Get Results?

Results are influenced by your completion of assigned action steps and the type of transformation or outcome you desire. Scheduling a Free Coaching Call is a Great Way to Find out

Can I Meet You Face to Face?

Delivery of service is through phone or google hangouts. In both cases the coaching calls are recorded and delivered to you electronically. For face meeting, email [email protected] with your detailed request.

Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

The first coaching call is free.  During that call we will discover if working together is simpatico. If not, you get free coaching. If so, we begin working together upon advanced payment with refunds only if no service has been provided.

How Do You Deliver the Coaching Calls?

Coaching is delivered in a combination of online collaboration tools and live phone or google hangouts video chat.

Do you Help With Technical Coding Interviews?

Software development technical coding interviews are not our specialty. We do work with software developers on interview preparation and can identify recommended resources for the technical interviewing.

I can't decide! How Do I know Which Service is for me?

That’s great! We deliver the first coaching call for free.  If a pre-packaged plan doesn’t work for you, then we can develop a customized plan for your specific needs.

Do You Offer Support for optimizing Online Applications for applicant tracking software?

Online applications are a very low return on investment.  The quality of the application may have no bearing on your success. We can help with networking to a hiring manager inside the company (how to and dialogs).


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Free Interview Checklist

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