Day 4: 5-Days To Your Best Year Ever

Find Your Why

Mindset shifted. Goals created. Overcoming the messy middle is the order of the day for Find Your Why in Lesson Four. How to stick with your goals when things get rough.

Day Four was a day of relief for me.  I found that by doing more than I was asked on Day Three that this day was less challenging.  In fact, it made the goal setting templates make more sense.

Looking back, it would have been helpful to just jot down the goals and then pursue the bottom other sections on their appropriate day. Although, it happened to me this way, this time for a reason.

Now that some time has passed, and we are now in the 2nd week of January, I went through this lesson again.  I recognized that with some of my goals I was in the “messy middle” and forgetting the motivation that prompted me in the first place.

After a 2nd review and a purusal of my notes, I remembered why this lesson was so valuable to me.

Andrew Beach

Andrew Beach

Executive Career Coach

I teach self-education to leaders that feel stuck professionally and desire a meaningful career transition. Serving you through a collaborative process to find and communicate a clear ‘WHY.’

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It provided me with a list of keywords to inspire me. The words that came up for me:

  • Stamina
  • Perseverance
  • Powerful
  • Legacy
  • Energy
  • Investment

Motivation: your intrinsic, autonomous action muscle

Motivation is the quality of knowing why you do things.  The main question we ask in this lesson:

Why Am I Doing This In The First Place?

Great question. Motivation is what keeps you on track. The bigger, better and more real your WHY, the better chance you have to succeed. Taking time now to identify as many why’s as you can will activate your spirit to achieve the goals you’ve set.

The power of a great testimonial

I can’t understate the value Michael Hyatt has placed in this course. His teaching is great, but his real life examples with Best Year Ever alumni are priceless-awesomeness.

The most memorable of which was with Ray Edwards. Ray is managing Parkinson’s disease like a Jedi. When I heard Ray’s message I couldn’t help but feel the same way he did.  Promises made and not kept. The “one day” syndrome, or if I could only win the lottery.

These testimonials helped me to dial into my inner spirit to find the motivation I needed. Not just to have the motivation, but to have a motiviation I could connect to in mind and spirit.

Power of Social Groups

Again, I can’t emphasize enough what it means to have a group of people to take with you on this journey.

Having the Pat Flynn Facebook group and the handful of partners I’ve created on my HabitShare app are making all the difference. Keep your goals close, but your people closer. Many people don’t succeed on their own, so lean into your relationships my friend.

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