Day 2: 5-Days To Your Best Year Ever

Completing the past, both good and bad.

Reviewing my past year of 2017 was an enlightening and memorable experience.  Finding and documenting the emotions and capturing the events was really cleansing and inspiring. Here is my impression of Day 2.

After Day 1 was complete, I had a list of limiting beliefs and liberating truths that will clean my slate to accept the possibility in front of me. It then makes total sense that you want to look at your past year with a lens of objectivity.

The exercises in the workbook started out with a review of what you wanted to happen versus what actually happened – the after-action review. I’ve found this in my career coaching business to be an invaluable tool to see where clients should be headed when they come to a cross roads. It’s really hard to know which road to take!  Reviewing your past accomplishments, achievements, successes and failures is a window into your uniqueness and a foundation for a professional brand.

After completing your list of expectation versus reality, the after-action review philosophy is to ask what did I learn and how should I change for the better. Although this entire process was a good reminder, it was the Facebook Live with Pat Flynn that was critical to my learning.

Andrew Beach

Andrew Beach

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Facebook Live: Pat Flynn Mastermind

The process for Day 2 wouldn’t have been nearly as complete without the mastermind. I’ve done countless of these types of  trainings with mixed results.  The trainings that had good outcomes all had an accountability or camaraderie component. People going through the same things, and more importantly sharing their struggles and victories.

The nice thing about Pat’s mastermind is that he provides us tangible examples, compares 2017 to 2018 in his life and business, and also reviews the differences between BYE2017 and BYE2018. How much would you pay to be in a mastermind with Pat and literally only 2-3 dozen others on a livestream? Yeah, me too.

The Hardest Question to Answer

The hardest question for me to answer was:

“What did you feel you should have been acknowledged for but weren’t?”

It was hard for me, as someone who doesn’t get caught up in being acknowledged or recognized. I immediately started thinking about Gary Champman’s, “The 5 Love Languages.” Words of affirmation is not my love language.  It’s Quality Time. That’s what made this one really hard. It came down to a position promotion that I was passed over on inside a company I work with.

It would have been a sizeable promotion.  I put a lot of time, energy and effort into preparing for the phone interview as well as documenting my first 90 days in Asana with a target list of vertical industry targets. The interview went well, but not great.  Then crickets. Not acknowledged at all for all the work that went into creating the 90-day plan, not even a thank you we selected someone else. Nothing.

Of course, I had to reach for that one!  It shouldn’t bother me anymore, but does, and the position ended up being unfilled and the job requisition discontinued!

Major Life Lesson Learned

At a point in the Day-2 exercises, I was asked about my life lessons and major themes.  It boiled down to one simple pithy statement:

It’s All About The People

What do I mean by that? Well, in each case, I looked for ways to achieve goals to have a “thing” to make some money.  What I recognized is in order to do that, people are involved. Serving them. Supporting them.  Ask them for support.  Coordinating your goal achivement and what you are wanting to accomplish: requires people!

Don’t miss the times this year that you had an impact on a person, or someone else had an impact on you.

A Word On Gratitude

The lesson and exercises for BYE2018 ended with gratitude.  If you made it to the end of this blog post, I am really grateful for you and your attention. Leave a comment or ask a question below.

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