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by Andrew Beach

My family hates it when I do that!  Quoting out loud in conversation from a top pop songs. Everything in life should be fun and about your personality.

Mine is one of satirical dry humor with a dash of facetiousness. I guess I get a lot of that from my Dad. That proverbial tongue in cheek every so often.

What you will find here is my musings on topics of interest to help me, and you, as the reader. Let’s work together to better understand ourselves and the reality, or lack thereof, that we appear to build.

There are a number of reasons I am doing this.  First, since my father’s passing, my reflection on his legacy is summed up in me.  It’s my duty to carry on this legacy. Second, is to spend the rest of my life actively chasing a passion for something greater than myself.

Bradley L Beach instrumental in helping me find my why
Bradley L. Beach, 1936 – 2015
Yeah, that’s my Dad.

Like many of you, I have things that I love to do. I have activities I like to participate in. Creating and sharing my memories, thoughts, unique contributions will be found in this blog.  

Take this journey with me! I will share with you how my coaching clients and colleagues are making a difference. I’m interested in learning, teaching, and problem solving. These following are topics and the lens through which I will be sharing content.

Walked a mile in your shoes

My story started soon after that fateful September 11th attack in 2001. I was introduced to the word “RIF” or reduction in force. I experienced anger. Fear. Doubt. Frustration. It’s been a roller coaster ride of change.  

It was through that pain and a program from Right Management that was part of my severance that led me to today. I never realized that I was building a craft. My volunteering and self-education provide me a basket of skills. Skills that will help me to help others going through the same pain.

God has a funny way of getting your attention through your misery and turning it into something beautiful and good

Wisdom From Experience

I’ve been coaching executives for over a decade. I have come upon a realization that many people have a difficult time talking about themselves.

The idea of bragging or selling yourself is a common challenge for all of us. I found myself helping people see their potential and to reveal their talent in a simplified way.  

It’s really fun for me to help others visualize their superpower and craft a branding statement that gets remembered.

Love of Learning and Education

When my daughters were in grade school, I became aware of some personality changes in them.  After seeing some of the curriculum and researching the source of Common Core, I became active in public education.

I even ran for for school board in my town and got involved in the movement to restore educational control to Parents and Teachers. Customer facing has applications in more than just business. A direct connection to the those being educated and my thirst for learning will occasionally appear in my posts.

Informed by my Faith

Everyone is in a different place in terms of beliefs.  My cursory examination of faith led me to belief in Jesus Christ. I am pursuing a lifelong understanding of my role in His world.

Right now I’m a preschooler. Each day I work to find a better understanding the Bible and work to implement its principles in my business.

Fair warning that this is a foundational part of the blog. But, I’m not using as a tool of intrusion. My objective is to deliver service to others in optimizing and maximizing their career trajectory.

Thank you for participating in my inaugural post.  Grab the free resources on this page. I want to be part of your journey too.

Picture of Andrew Beach

Andrew Beach

Andrew Beach is a Branding Dynamo. He helps transform confusion into clarity by translating your charismatic story assets, understanding your personal values, and scripting a top notch identity statement in support of effective networking. Coaching clients say that they have doubled message retention and shortened time on landing, often garnering multiple job offers.

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