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The Adele song was frequently quoted in our home. Especially when one of my family members would call me on the phone

My story isn’t much different than most people my age. We reach milestones in our career and we are looking for more.

Bradley Beach My Father
My family hates it when I do that!  Quote from a recent top pop song.  Everything in life should be fun and about your personality.  Mine is one of satirical dry humor with a dash of facetiousness, a proverbial tongue in cheek every so often.  What you will find here is my personal musings on topics of interest to help me, and you as the reader, better understand ourselves and the reality, or lack thereof, that we appear to build for ourselves.

There are a number of reasons I am doing this now.  It’s been a little over a year since my father passed away (photo inset).  Since his passing, my reflection on his legacy is summed up in me.  It’s my duty to carry on this legacy and to perhaps do what my father did not: actively chase a passion for something.



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Like many of you, I have things that I love to do, activities I like to participate in, and I now need to create and store my memories, thoughts, unique contributions in this blog.  Take this journey with me as I catalog what people tell me are my unique abilities to make a difference in their lives.

It may at first seem random, but there are a number of great content areas under consideration that leverage my unique strengths in learning, teaching, and problem solving, in the following areas of interest to me:

  • Communicating Unique Value

    I’ve been coaching executives for over a decade and have come upon a realization that many people have a difficult time explaining themselves.  Not in a Ricky Ricardo kind of way, but more so in a reveal your complex nature simplified kinda way.  It’s really fun for me to help others visualize their superpower self and craft a branding statement that gets remembered.

  • Career planing and transition

    Since that fateful September 11th attack in 2001, it’s been a roller coaster ride of change.  When I began volunteering my time to coach others who were part of a RIF or WRP (politically correct acronyms for “you’re fired”), I never realized that I was building a craft, a basket of skills that will help me to help others that went through the same pain.  God has a funny way of getting your attention through your misery and turning it into something beautiful and good, although it didn’t feel that way at the time.

  • Education Systems and Reform

    When my daughters were in grade school, I noticed some personality changes in them around 2011.  After seeing some of the curriculum and researching the source of it, I became active in running for Beaverton School Board in my town and getting involved in the movement to restore educational control to those most responsible for delivering it: Parents and Teachers with direct connection to the child.  I will occasionally share posts in this category although it’s not currently a major theme.

  • How and Why of Faith

    Everyone is in a different place in terms of beliefs.  My cursory examination of faith led me to belief in Jesus Christ and to pursue lifelong understanding of my role in His world. I’m a preschooler when it comes to understanding the bible, and I’m working to get better and implementing its principles. This will be a foundational part of all the areas of the blog, but not an in-your-face repelling way (because that’s not what sold me in the first place).

Thank you for participating in my inaugural post.  Please subscribe to get updates or bookmark the page.  You’re part of the journey too, so lets get started!


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Andrew Beach

Andrew Beach

Branding Specialist | Executive Career Coach | Teaching Self-Awareness

I help take the mystery out of finding your dream job. Through a direct and pragmatic process, we will guide you to the path. One step at a time, just a little bit closer to your passion.  It's through my personal story of finding meaningful work that I can share with you what I've learned.

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