Why I’m taking Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever 2018

Overview of the a goal setting program

2018 is right around the corner.  This year, I’m taking the goal setting to a new level with Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever.  Here is why.

It seems that every year I am setting some goals. This time each year, I make some resolutions, get really pumped up, and never execute half of what I plan.  To change this trajectory, I bought the 2018 Best Year Ever. I passed up on the offer in 2017, this year wasn’t going to pass me by.

So what tipped the scales?  The accountability with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income fame.  He sent out one email.  Litterally one email to me while I was considering buying the upgraded version (VIP in Hyatt-speak) for the added support. Why you ask?

It seems the one thing I’ve been missing is a wingman.  I group or person to keep me on track going through the same things. Hyatt offered a VIP experience, but when I saw Pat’s email it changed everything. Not only was a facebook group offered up, but also live streams with Pat every day for the 5-day training AND quarterly check in webinars (2 hours each). How could I turn that down? At time of this writing you can still get in on Pat’s link HERE.

If you aren’t familiar with Michael Hyatt or the Best Year Ever, I will provide here  a synopsis of what I know and will share my experience as I got through each day.

Andrew Beach

Andrew Beach

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Who is Michael Hyatt?  From his website bio and from his book Platform, you will see that Hyatt plays in strongly in the Leadership space.  Much of his teachings are applicable to professionals and entrepreneurs.  Over the last year, his branding and website have undergone a total redesign to a magazine-style format.

This rebranding and upscaling of quality content is evident in the Best Year Ever 2018. The course content, videos, transcripts, exercises, and audio are top notch. I’ve been through a lot of training, and this is likely the highest quality production I have seen.

How is the course structured?

The course is divided into 5 lessons.  Each lesson is designed to be completed each day for five consecutive days. There isn’t a requirement to do it this way, and you could complete the entire course in an afternoon.  I’m working the process from this perspective as it’s my first time through it.

What is the best way to complete the lessons?

My like any course, you want to block a consistent day, time and place to complete the work without distraction.  I have downloaded the audio-only to my iPhone and intend to stream via my podcasting app Downcast.

I’ve also printed the workbook (all of 42 pages) on letter sized paper 2-up. Even better, the course has full transcripts if you prefer to read the presentation – all senses covered.

Who should I take the course with? It’s up to you. but the only advice I would have – don’t take it alone. Several of the testimonials on the Best Year Ever description page mention doing this with a spouse and entire family.

Over the course of the next few days, I will be sharing my experiences. Today I will begin Day 1 and share my impression of the lesson and my takeaways.  I’m also excited to share my experience with the online Facebook mastermind and accountability group provided by Pat Flynn.

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